Walkers Brook Drive Redesign 

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Project Summary

In 2018, the Town of Reading performed a peer review of the Traffic Impact and Access Study (TIAS) related to the Eaton Lakeview Apartments. This review culminated in several recommendations at the intersection of Lakeview Avenue and Walkers Brook Drive. However, the community indicated an interest in a larger scope of analysis and a holistic study of the surrounding area. As a result, a Comprehensive Corridor Analysis & Conceptual Redesign was prepared. This comprehensive study produced several conceptual improvement alternatives for the Walkers Brook Corridor.

Last year, the Town applied for and was awarded $250,000 in funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Housing Choice Grant Program to study the conceptual level designs in greater detail for improvements to the Walkers Brook Drive corridor and at key intersections with General Way, John Street, Village Street, and Lakeview Avenue. The Walkers Brook Drive corridor is a primary connection between the Town of Reading and the Town of Wakefield and serves as a primary connection to Lake Quannapowitt, restaurants, retail shops, employment centers, as well as regional open space assets, and it is a desirable location to improve multi-modal features.

This project offers an opportunity to bring the community together and, through a collaborative process, develop its vision to create a vibrant and inviting street that enhances neighborhood connections. The desired outcome is to reach a community consensus for a preferred solution for the corridor that will increase mobility options to enhance access to community destinations.


Project Goals

  • Provide the community and key stakeholders with design alternatives for the Walkers Brook Corridor. Design alternatives will include a variety of pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular improvements while preserving the commercial use of the corridor by abutting businesses.
  • Initiate a community engagement program to showcase alternatives and gather feedback.
  • Solidify an overall community vision for Walkers Brook Drive and future implementation efforts for the corridor.

Community Engagement

A robust engagement program is employed to achieve a shared vision for the future beyond just the scope of developing alternatives for the design of the Walkers Brook Drive Corridor. The outreach process will consist of neighborhood canvassing, public meetings, stakeholder group sessions, online survey(s), social media, and discussions with Town staff as well as other opportunities for the community to weigh in with input. 

Currently, there are two (2) ways to provide valuable feedback

  • Interactive Map: Engage in a geospatial-based feedback tool. Respond to comments already identified on the map and/or add a new comment at specific geographical locations within the project limits
  • Survey: Respond to the questionnaire aimed at understanding the corridor usage patterns and exploring community vision topics, with the goal of shaping a more efficient and sustainable transportation future.

The project team has some understanding of the existing deficiencies based on previous studies performed for the corridor, which have been identified on the Interactive Map. Feel free to join the conversations on the existing deficiencies and/or add your own input! Share what are your concerns about the project? What are your ideas on improved multi-modal features that support, resident, business owner, and regional transportation needs? What should the Town be mindful of during this phase of the corridor study? Please use the links provided above to offer your input.

The proposed design alternatives for the Walkers Brook Drive Corridor will be presented to the wider community for feedback at a later time. Future engagement will also take place online and in other public forums. Feedback on the proposed design alternatives will enable further refinement while identifying community priorities, and ultimately, arrive at a preferred improvement alternative for the corridor.

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