Materials from our Knowledge Series held Fall 2023

Prior Public Events:

#1 - Tuesday September 19: 7pm

An educational session was held, both in person at the Reading Public Library and on Zoom. The focus of the event was on providing background on the law, defining the concepts that relate to the law and compliance, learning about the history of zoning in Reading, our housing goals, and the results of our survey. A recording of the event can be viewed here as recorded by RCTV. A PDF of the slides can be downloaded here

#2 - Wednesday October 11: 7pm

An interactive workshop on aspects of zoning and the location of our district was held in person at the Reading Public Library. The focus of the workshop was on learning about and discussing the tradeoffs of the dimensional aspects of zoning and mapping a district. A recording of the event can be viewed here as recorded by RCTV. A PDF of the slides can be downloaded here

To explore the workshop topics yourself:
Adjust zoning setbacks and max lot coverage using this interactive zoning visualizer tool
Consider the preferred location for the new zoning district by exploring on GIS and using the markup tool to draw the district 

Economic Development Summit Presentation - Wednesday October 25: 7pm

Staff gave a summary of our first two Knowledge Series events at this combined Economic Development Summit and Financial Forum. A recording of the event can be viewed here as recorded by RCTV.  A PDF of the slides can be downloaded here. 

#3 - Wednesday November 8: 7pm

Staff presentation of our preliminary proposal and two map options, with a robust Q&A both on dimensional controls and mapping options. A PDF of the slides detailing our proposal and relevant supporting information can be downloaded here. A PDF of the two map options can be downloaded here. A recording of the event can be viewed here

Staff takeaways from the public discussion and comments received on the Preliminary Plan design will result in the following changes to our final district proposal:

  • Staying within the 1/2-mile zone 
  • Include the lots on both sides of any street in the proposed new district
  • Focus on walkability and distance from downtown while following natural boundaries and building form in the neighborhoods
  • The inclusion of Affordable housing requirements 

We're also doing general outreach at community events and committee meetings. 

We've been at: 

  • Friends & Family Day 6/10
  • Library Concert 6/20
  • Library Concert 7/14
  • Finance Committee 7/25
  • Conservation Commission 8/9
  • Historical Commission 8/16
  • Presentation at the Pleasant Street Center 8/17
  • Climate Advisory Committee 8/23
  • School Committee 9/7
  • Fall Street Faire 9/10
  • New Resident Open House 10/3
  • Economic Development Summit / Financial Forum 10/25

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1. What is the MBTA Communities law (3A)?
2. What does this mean for Reading specifically?
3. How did the state calculate our requirements?
4. Do we currently comply with the law?
5. Why should we comply?
6. By-right Development & Site Plan Review
7. What are Reading’s existing housing goals?
8. How does compliance work?
9. Why can’t we use Accessory Dwelling Units to comply?
10. Can we just zone over existing apartment complexes?
11. Where are we in the process?
12. Survey Results
13. Materials from our Knowledge Series held Fall 2023
14. Materials from our Public Hearings held Dec 2023 - Feb 2024
15. In a few sentences, what are the zoning changes being put forth?
16. Proposed Dimensional Controls for the New District
17. I’m concerned about the impacts of future construction
18. When do we have to build units?
19. What happens after the new zoning is adopted by Town Meeting?
20. This is the first I’m hearing of this; how have you been informing the public?
21. General Zoning Considerations & Definitions
22. Helpful Studies and Links
23. Local Data, Resources, and Documents