Dog Licenses

Dog owners whose pets are not licensed by March 31st of each year are subject to a $10.00 fine on the first day of April and an additional $5.00 per month fine for each month thereafter.

Owners whose dogs are still not licensed will receive a $50 violation for keeping an unlicensed dog per MGL in addition to registration and late fees.

According to Reading's General Bylaws adopted August 2, 2006 the licensing fee is set as follows:

    $10 for every neuter male or spayed female dog
    $20 for every non-neutered male or non-spayed female dog

Proof of current rabies and proof of neutering or spaying are required.

Dog Kennels - Residents that have 4 or more dogs must license them as a kennel by January 15 each year.

New residents can receive a current year license for free if you have already licensed you dog in another community in Massachusetts - bring in current year dog tag as well as rabies and spay/neuter certificates

General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires: that all dogs, six (6) months of age or older, be licensed by March 31st - MGL Chapter 140 Section 137.

$50 fine for violating statute MGL Chapter 140 Sections 137, 141 and 173A.