Septic Abandonment

Whenever the use of a system is discontinued following connection to a municipal or private sanitary sewer or shared on-site system or following condemnation or demolition of a building served by the system, the system shall be considered abandoned and any further use of the system for any purpose shall be prohibited unless, after inspection, the Approving Authority determines the system is in compliance or can be brought into compliance with 310 CMR 15.000.

Continued use of a septic tank where the tank is to become an integral part of a sanitary sewer system requires the prior written approval from the local municipal authority responsible for the operation of the sanitary sewer system.

The following procedure shall be used to abandon a system:
  • Within14days prior to discontinuance of use of a system, the facility owner shall apply to the Approving Authority to abandon the existing system citing the reason(s) abandonment is necessary, and where connection to municipal or private sanitary sewer has been made, a copy of the sewer connection permit shall be submitted with the application;
  • Upon receipt of the Approving Authority's written approval to abandon the system, the septic tank shall be pumped of its entire contents by a licensed septage hauler; and the tank shall be excavated and removed from the site, or the bottom of the tank shall be opened or ruptured after being pumped of its content so as to prevent retainage of water and the tank shall be completely filled with clean sand or other suitable material approved in writing by the Approving Authority.

Septic Installation