Dumpster Program

The purpose of this regulation is to reduce the possibility of nuisance and health risks associated with the use of dumpsters for rubbish and garbage disposal. This regulation applies

 to all businesses, haulers, residents, and contractors using dumpsters.

Dumpsters must be located and placed in a manner approved by the Board of Health. A plan shall be submitted and approved showing the location of the dumpster and all

businesses and buildings on the site. The dumpster is to be situated as not to cause a visual obstruction of traffic.

Dumpsters shall be enclosed or screened in such a manner as to be not visible from public ways (except from above). Screening shall be approved by the Board of Health.

Dumpsters meant for temporary use, i.e., less than 30 days, do not need to be screened.

Dumpster is not to be filled or emptied between 11 PM and 6:30 AM. Extenuating circumstances will be determined on a case by case basis by the Health Director. The

business filing for an exemption must do so in writing and receive approval before the fact.

 Dumpster must be of sufficient size and capacity to eliminate overflowing. The lids must be closed when the dumpster is not in use. The property owner and authorized

agent of the business utilizing the service is responsible for ensuring that the dumpster is kept free from odors, rodents, flies, insects, scattered debris and all other nuisances.

The contractor shall have his/her name and telephone number conspicuously displayed on the dumpster.

The dumpster contractor shall have the dumpster deodorized, washed and sanitized as needed, or as needed, or as directed by the Board.

The contractor shall prevent spillage during the emptying process, and also during the transporting of dumpster contents. In the case of spillage, it is the responsibility of the

property owner to clean the area.

These regulations shall apply to all dumpsters or similar units, whether for residential, commercial, industrial or municipal use.

Violations of these regulations are subject to a fine of ($50.00) per offense. Each day that the offense continues shall constitute a separate offense.

All dumpsters shall be permitted by the Board of Health on an annual basis $50 per dumpster. Temporary permits shall be issued for all projects residential, commercial,

industrial or municipal <> 30 days cost of $50.00.