Mosquito Control

Spray exemption notifications can no longer be sent to the Town Clerk

Summary of Mosquito Control: All mosquito control activities are performed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 252 of the Massachusetts General Laws and special legislation (Acts and Resolves) that established 9 regional mosquito control projects/districts throughout the state, encompassing 197 municipalities as member communities. Each regional mosquito control project/district is overseen by a board of Commissioners appointed by the SRB, and also employs a director or superintendent to manage day-to-day mosquito control operations.

Through a project administrator and other staff, the Board also manages accounting and fiscal transactions for all mosquito control projects and districts.

In accordance with: 333 CMR 13.03, which previously allowed individuals to make requests from wide area spraying of pesticides to city and town clerks by certified mail, has been amended as part of the EO562 process. Requests should now be made directly to the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, which has jurisdiction over pesticides and mosquito control operations pursuant to M.G.L. c. 132B and M.G.L. c. 252.

Requests may now also be made any time during the calendar year (rather than the previous March deadline) and will be effective 14 days from the date of the request, expiring on December 31st. Municipalities may request a list of exclusions requested in their town from the Department and information will be updated as requested.

Legal Authority: 333 CMR 13.00 Standards for Application/ Pesticide Board 

State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (SRMCB) 

Pesticide exclusion for residents. Trucks won't spray within 300 ft. of excluded property

Exclusions and Opt Outs from Aerial Spraying and Wide Area Pesticides Application