Why didn’t the trash truck pick up my recycling?
  • Check to make sure you put your recycling out prior to 6 am on the correct day.
  • Were they in a bin or barrel clearly marked recycling and separate from your trash barrel?
  • Did you breakdown, flatten, and fold your boxes/cartons/cardboard into no larger than 4 by 4 feet? If cardboard is not wrapped in this manner it will not get taken as our trucks do no accommodate them.
  • Was there anything in the recycling container that is not considered acceptable for recycling. (Please visit Recycle Smart to see what items can be recycled.)
  • If all of the above has been done in the correct manner, please call the D.P.W. Garage at 781-942-9092 between 7 am and 3 pm (Monday through Friday).

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