What is the procedure to either widen my existing driveway, or to add an additional driveway on my property?

As stated in the Town of Reading Driveway Rules and Regulations, all proposed driveways or modifications to existing driveways must be submitted for approval to the Department of Public Works Engineering Division. A sketch of the modification must be submitted indicating all trees, hydrants, poles, etc., as well as the gutter grade, property line grade, and proposed grades in sufficient detail to insure compliance with all Driveway Rules and Regulations. If the Engineering Division determines that all of the regulations are met, the proposed driveway alterations may be approved. Any granite curbing removed in the process of making these driveway modifications shall become the property of the Town of Reading. The Town of Reading Driveway Rules and Regulations can be obtained by either going to the “Driveway Construction and Street Opening” section of this website or by stopping by the Engineering Division in the lower level of Town Hall where a copy may be obtained.

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9. What is the procedure to either widen my existing driveway, or to add an additional driveway on my property?
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