How to Pay - Kiosk & App

How to Guide: Parking Kiosks & Pay By Phone App

The Town of Reading has four operational kiosks, two at the Upper Municipal (CVS) Parking Lot and two at the Brande Court (off of Haven Street) Parking Lot. 

This guide is meant to help users use these kiosks or the Pay by Phone App.

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Please contact Ben Cares at or 781-942-6791

How to Use Pay by Phone App

Step 1: Download the Pay by Phone app on your smartphone

Look in your phone's App Store for "Pay by Phone" with this type of logo and download the app.

PayByPhone Logo

Step 2: Follow the steps to set up your account

You'll need to enter your license plate number and a form of payment to use this app to park. Follow the app step-by-step instructions. A step-by-step presentation is available if you require additional assistance in setting up this app. Please contact the number provided on the front of this guide.

Step 3: Use the App to Park

Once you park in the lot, open the app. The app will ask you to enter a "location number." This number corresponds with the location numbers displayed on signage in the lots, which look like this:PayByPhone location icon

The Location # 18220 or #18221 corresponds with each lot. View signage within the lot to confirm the lot number.

Step 4: Enter the Duration of Your Stay

Enter the amount of time you think you will need. Remember - you can extend your time from anywhere through the app if you want to stay longer.

Step 5: Exit the Lot

Once your time expires, be sure to exit the lot, or else you may be issued a parking ticket.

How to Use Parking Kiosks

Step 1: Park your vehicle and locate a kiosk.

Locate signage that will help guide you to the nearest kiosk so that you can enter your license plate number and pay for parking.

Step 2: Prepare a form of payment to bring with you to the kiosks

The kiosks will accept credit cards, debit cards, and coins only. Cash is not accepted at the kiosks. The machines do not give change.

Step 3: Remember your License Plate Number

Before you leave your vehicle, be sure to know your license plate number as it is the first thing to do when you get to the kiosk.

Step 4: Enter your license plate number, and follow prompts for payment.

Each kiosk has a digital display that will walk you through the selection of your parking time limit and the payment process.

Step 5: Enjoy your excursion downtown! And remember to check the time you've allotted yourself for paid parking.

You may now exit the parking lot and enjoy downtown Reading. You will not receive a print out to display on your vehicle. The kiosks system will communicate with the parking enforcement officer to mark your car as "parked" for the amount of time you have selected. If you exceed this limit, you will receive a ticket from the parking enforcement officer.

Step 6: Return to your vehicle and exit the parking lot.

You do not need to return to the kiosk in order to exit the parking lot.

Need a quick step by step for when you're at the kiosk?  Press any key to light up Pay Station display. Enter license plate number. Press OK to accept. Insert credit or debit card or begin contactless payment. Select time and amount. Press OK to accept. Press OK to approve transaction. Print receipt.

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