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Charge of the Symonds Way Exploratory Committee

Authority: The Symonds Way Exploratory Committee (SWEC) is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Reading Select Board.

Membership:  The SWEC will have seven (7) members composed as follows:

  • 1 Select Board Member (ex-officio, appointed by the Select Board)
  • 1 Recreation Committee Members (ex-officio, appointed by the Recreation committee)
  • 1 Community Planning & Development Commission (CPDC) Member (ex-officio, appointed by the CPDC committee)
  • 1 Conservation Committee Member (ex-officio, appointed by the Conservation committee)
  • 1 Permanent Building Committee Member (ex-officio, appointed by the Permanent Building Committee)
  • 1 School Committee Member (ex-officio, appointed by the School committee)
  • 1 Council on Aging Member, or Senior Advocate (ex-officio, appointed by the Council on Aging)

In order to help the Committee carry out its purpose, the Select Board invites the following staff will lend their professional guidance and advice to the Committee:

  • Town Manager
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Town Accountant
  • Assistant Town Manager
  • Community Development Director
  • Administrative Services Director
  • Procurement Officer
  • Community Services Director

Meetings will be recorded and administrative support will be provided by Town Hall staff (scheduling and posting meetings, taking minutes, etc.)

Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to serve as an advisory committee to the Reading Select Board for the purpose of recommending the best options for uses of the land for our community, understanding the needs of the community, located on Symonds Way.

SWEC shall gather input from its members and the Reading residents as to what the property should look like and its functionality. SWEC will hold regular meetings and community outreach, SWEC will gather, analyze, and organize information for future planning decisions related to the best uses for this property.

The Committee shall consider the following:

  1. Best uses to serve as many residents as possible
  2. Using public funds and grants where possible towards development
  3. Private/public partnerships to develop the property

The first task of SWEC will be to define the best use for the property. SWEC will provide feedback on potential physical layouts on the property developed by SV Design Architects and funded by Town Meeting on April 2022. If a private/public partnership is deemed appropriate, the SWEC will work with Reading Town Hall staff to develop and review a Request for Proposals (RFP) for private developers to invest in the property. Once proposals are received, and with the help of Reading Town Hall Staff, SWEC will help review and evaluate the submittals to the RFP. The Committee will offer recommendations for potential funding options, if pursuing public development.

Deliverable: The Committee shall begin its work in December 2022 and shall submit multiple options for development recommendations using an evaluation scheme to be determined by the committee to the Select Board no later than August 31, 2023 unless another date is agreed to by the Select Board. If approved by the Select Board, the Committee shall present its development recommendations to Subsequent Town Meeting in November 2023.

Sunset: The Committee shall sunset on June 30, 2024 but may be extended by a Select Board vote.

Public Body: The meetings and deliberations of the Committee shall be subject to the Open Meeting Law.

  1. Sharon Angstrom

    Finance Director / Town Accountant

  1. Carlo Bacci


    Select Board Appointee

  1. Angela Binda


    Recreation Committee Appointee

  1. Heather Clish


    CPDC Appointee

  1. Jean Delios

    Assistant Town Manager

  1. Andrew Dribin


    Conservation Commission Appointee

  1. Genevieve Fiorente

    Community Services Director

  1. Karen Janowski


    Council on Aging Appointee

  1. Matt Kraunelis

    Director of Administrative Services / Ombudsman

  1. Fidel Maltez

    Town Manager

  1. Charles Robinson


    School Committee Appointee

  1. Thomas Milaschewski

    Superintendent of Schools

  1. Nancy Twomey


    Permanent Building Committee Appointee

  1. Jayne Wellman

    Director of Operations

    Procurement Officer

View the Official Board and Committee Members (PDF) posted by the Town Clerk