The Reading Coalition for Prevention & Support Advisory Board, made up of stakeholders from our community and region, that serve in an advisory capacity to:

  • Exchange and share information that will enhance our community approach to substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion.
  • Supply Reading Coalition staff with feedback on activities, projects and emerging initiatives.
  • Spread the word about coalition resources and events


The following key stakeholders have been appointed to the Reading Coalition for Prevention & Support Advisory Board:

  1. Jackie McCarthy, Select Board, Reading resident
  2. Town Manager, Fidel Maltez, Reading Police Department
  3. Chief David Clark, Reading Police Department
  4. Lt. Richard Abate, Reading Police Department
  5. SRO Matthew Vatcher & Rusty (Comfort Dog), Reading Police Department
  6. SRO Brian Lewis & Cooper (Comfort Dog), Reading Police Department
  7. Susan Beauregard, Reading Public Library Liaison
  8. Linda Snow-Dockser, Reading resident
  9. Supt. Thomas Milaschewski, Reading School Department
  10. Principal Kevin Tracey, Reading Memorial High School
  11. Chuck Robinson, SC Liaison, RPS
  12. Asst. Principal Thomas Zaya, Reading Memorial High School
  13. Kevin Sexton, Reading Board of Health, Reading resident
  14. Julianne DeAngelis, Substance Abuse Content Expert, Woburn
  15. Rev. Pete Jeffrey, Reading Clergy Council Liaison, Reading
  16. Joanne Senders, Reading resident, Freelance Reporter
  17. Brian Snell, Reading Rotary, Law Office of Brian Snell 
  18. Kathy Kinney, Reading Rotary
  19. Elise Brucato, Parent, Reading resident, Higher Education Prevention Professional
  20. Kerri Perry, Reading Resident, Digital Therapeutics Professional

To be appointed 

  1. RMHS Student Liaison
  2. RMHS Student Liaison
  3. Community Liaison

Reading Coalition Staff liaisons to the Board:

  • Erica McNamara, Director, Reading Police Department
  • Krystal Mellonakos-Garay, Outreach Coordinator, Reading Police Department
  • Taunya L. Jarzyniecki, LCMHC MLADC, Public Safety Clinician, Reading Police Department

Police, Town & School Resource Leaders:

  • Deputy Chief Amendola, Reading Police Department
  • Lt. Chris Jones, Reading Police Department
  • Lynna Williams, Reading Memorial High School, School Counseling Director
  • Ade Solarin, Director, Health, Town of Reading
  • James Hickey, Austin Prep, Reading

Recent Board Alumni

  • Abby Goodemote, Reading resident, Parent, Reading
  • John Halsey, Reading resident
  • Sherri VandenAkker, Parent, Reading resident
  • Richard Winant, Kelly Sober House, Wakefield
  • Laura Gemme, Reading resident
  • Patrick Shannon, Long serving Board President
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