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Are you ready word imageHow Savvy Are You With Fire Safety?

Join us and have some fun testing your fire safety knowledge.   Click on the "SIM" below then read "Your Situation."  Once you are ready, click on the button to enter the poll and give us your answer.

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Your Situation

Almost time for dinner!  You are cooking some chicken cutlets in oil when the doorbell rings.  You are met at the door by your letter carrier, Paul.  After a discussion with  Paul, you return to your kitchen and find this...  What would you do button link to poll Opens in new window

The Results Are In!

Graph Showing Cooking Fire Poll Results

Great job!!  Not one person got an incorrect answer.  Let's Review.

If you had decided to pick up the pan and run outside, that would have been wrong.  Moving a pan of burning grease is very dangerous.  You could spill the grease on yourself resulting in burns or even spread fire throughout the house.  Leave the pan in place and turn off the burner if safe to do so.

An extinguisher, is a great idea.  Throwing it at the fire is a bad idea.  Using the right extinguisher, the right way is crucial to success.

How to use extinguisher Pull, Aim, Squeeze, SweepWith a grease fire, a water extinguisher is not the right tool.  It can cause the grease to spread as small particles which easily ignite.  This will cause the fire to spread, not go out.  You need to use a dry chemical or carbon dioxide extinguisher.

Remember the pneumonic - PASS   Pull - Aim - Squeeze - Sweep.

Throwing water will have the same effect as using a water extinguisher.  This should not be done.

Putting a lid over the pan is a great option (if safe).   By putting the lid on the pan, you are removing the supply of oxygen to the fire.  This will cause the fire to go out.  Once the lid is on safely, turn the burner off and let it cool.  It should be cool to the touch.  Removing the lid too early can result in the fire re-igniting.  If a lid is not available, another pan or cookie sheet can also smother the fire.

If it is too dangerous, evacuate the home and call 911.  Do not delay calling 911 as fires grow in size quickly.

Grease fires can be scary.  Be sure to stay calm and take the correct steps.  You can prevent injury and damage to your home with a couple of simple steps.  When in doubt, call 911.  We are very happy to come and double check the fire is completely out.

Enjoy this video demonstrating the dangers and proper response to a grease fire.