Portable Toilets

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure the maximum protection of public health, ground and surface waters through the efficient permitting and safe placement of Portable Toilets within the Town of Reading

All temporary /portable toilets are to be placed on level ground, emptied every 24 hours and there shall be hand-washing material and disinfectant within the portable toilet. 

No portable toilet shall be located or maintained at a site without a valid permit issued by the Board of Health for its placement at the site within the Town. 

It is a violation of the regulations to locate or maintain a portable toilet on a site without a permit.

Portable toilets may be used at locations set out below:

1. Public facilities, temporary or permanent, owned or operated by municipal, state or federal entities for the benefit of workers or the public, where siting a Title 5

   compliant system is infeasible.

2. Seasonal semi-public facilities where siting a Title 5 compliant system is infeasible.

3. Construction sites where the portable toilet would be used by workers on a site.

4. In cases of a repair to an existing Title 5 system, where extreme hardship due to disaster, construction delay or unforeseen circumstance exists and where said Title

   5 system cannot be operated during occupancy.

5. outdoor events and festivals

6. Private property events