Town Census Information

Annual Census Information

The annual census forms are mailed in early January. All residents are urged to review the information on the form, make any appropriate changes per the instructions, sign and return the form to the Town Clerk’s office as soon as possible.

Also included with the census mailing is a dog licensing worksheet. The licensing period is from January 1 - March 31, after which a $25 late fee will apply to all renewal licenses beginning on April 1 in addition to the cost of the license. Please complete details are on the worksheet.

The form(s) may be returned by mail in the enclosed addressed envelope, in person to the Town Clerk's Office or dropped in the white box outside of Town Hall.

Please note that a person may not register to vote or change their voter status through any notation on this form. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office for information regarding voter registration or any change you wish to make to your voter status.

The Town Clerk’s Office conducts the annual municipal census starting in January, as required under Massachusetts State Law. Residents are requested to review, update, sign and return the census form within 10 days – even if there are no changes.

Some of the data collected through the census is published by statute in what is commonly known as the “Street List.” This publication contains a Precinct and Street breakdown and an alphabetical-by-name index of residents seventeen and older as of January 1st, annually.

Responding to the annual census is important for many reasons:
  • To maintain a voter’s “active” voter status;
  • To maintain accurate population information;
  • To provide the public safety divisions with current information;
  • For the allocation of State and Federal Funds and grants to the Town;
  • To provide proof of residency for numerous personal and/or legal requirements such as:
  •       In-state tuition at State colleges or universities
  •       Veterans benefits
  •       Insurance benefits
  •       School enrollment

If you do not receive a census form or are new to Reading, please contact our office: (781) 942-9050

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