Community Garden at Mattera


The Mattera Conservation Area is home to Reading’s Community Garden. Opened in 2022, the Garden is located opposite the Cabin. Reading residents are eligible to rent plots to grow produce and flowers for their own use; they may also donate part or all of their crops to the Reading Food Pantry. 

The Garden currently has 46 plots. All of the plots are framed and filled with planting soil. forty-three are ground level, 4’ x 8’ with 17.5” high frames; three are slightly higher (29”) to provide easier access. When you complete your application, you will choose the option that meets your needs.

Each gardener pays a $50 fee each year to rent their plot; the fees go toward the cost of maintaining the garden. Gardeners must follow the rules in our agreement. These are fairly standard for community gardens, with requirements such as using organic practices and avoiding invasive plants. Gardeners are expected to attend an orientation meeting, and they’re encouraged to share in workdays and occasional informal get-togethers.

Tip: If you have not used our online permitting system before, you’ll have to set up an account. You’ll be asked to choose the type of plot you require (height of 17.5” or 29”) and to verify that you’ve read the Gardener Agreement.

Important dates for 2023:

  • February 27:Applications open for 2023 garden plots.
  • Applications will remain open until all plots are filled.

Community Garden 2023