Street Lighting

How do I get a street light that is not working repaired?

Report the address of the light pole or the light pole number (two or three digit number) located on the pole usually within 6-8 feet up from the base) to the Reading Municipal Light Department.

The Street Lighting Program is administered by the Department of Public Works and is responsible for funding the operation and energy costs associated with all public street lights, as furnished by the Reading Municipal Light Department.

Street Lighting

The Board of Selectmen, acting through the Town Manager or his designee, shall determine the placement, frequency and size of all public street and public parking lot lighting.

The Town Manager or his designee shall review the street lighting scheme with the Reading Municipal Light Department and the Police Department, and advise the Selectmen annually on the quantity and illumination level required. The RMLD will advise the Selectmen on the estimated lighting budget required to provide such lighting.

Placement; General

Lights shall be placed at curves, intersections and heavily treed areas and at locations of severe topographical changes. Lights will also be considered at locations of high incidences of accidents, and at locations of high pedestrian activity. Lights will be considered at public parking lots, recreation areas, etc. on the basis of identified public safety needs.

The frequency of lighting fixtures on straight runs of street length shall be at every third pole and shall be on alternate sides of the road where possible.

The type of street, considering width, traffic, zoning and background may affect frequency and size.

In all cases, the Reading Municipal Light Department shall make the final decision within plus or minus 25 feet on the specified physical location subject to field installation conditions.


Requests for new or added lights in an already lighted area shall be made to the Town Manager or his designee for action. The Town Manager or his designee shall consult with the Police Department and shall have thirty (30) working days to respond to the petitioner. A petitioner not satisfied with the Town Manager's decision may appeal to the full Board of Selectmen.

Subdivision Lighting

The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works shall review the lighting scheme in review of subdivision plans in accordance with this policy. The Director of Public Works will then advise the Developer and Community Planning and Development Commission of lighting standard locations.

The Town of Reading will not be responsible for subdivision lighting costs until at least 50% of the proposed lots within 300 feet of a planned street light are built and are occupied.