Economic Development Summit

Every year, the Town of Reading's Economic Development Division plans and hosts this public forum. Speakers provide timely remarks and insights on economic trends that dovetail with the Town's latest Economic Development initiatives. The Town hosts this event annually during the Fall. Forum specific materials will be circulated to the public ahead of these meetings. 

  1. 2022 Summit
  2. 2021 Summit
  3. 2020 Summit
  4. 2019 Summit
  5. 2018 Summit
  6. 2017 Summit

2022 Public Forum


This Economic Development Summit was formatted as a neighborhood public forum to review the 2019 design concepts for the area between the MBTA train tracks and Ash Street. The Town reengaged the Ash Street neighborhood and commercial property owners within "The Yard" to hear feedback and preferences. Topics of discussion include: land use, open space, mobility, and placemaking. This community planning initiative is to help the Town continue to be proactively ready for any future economic development opportunities in this area per the Town's Economic Development Action Plan.


Economic Development Summit 2022